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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  February 19, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> and i am julie haener. >> at san francisco general hospital. ktvu's david stevenson is there and says even the nurses are worried. david? >> reporter: the attack is prompting nurses to speak out about work conditions as they enter contract talks with the city. >> the family of mary perez says she is recovering after being assaulted friday night at san francisco general hospital. >> doing well. getting better. you know, she is having trouble swallow because -- swallowing because of injuries. >> reporter: orin zebest was being transferred to a psychiatric unit. orin zebest ran away after restraints were removed and attacked mary perez in a room. >> closed the curtains. and he starting doing what he did. >> reporter: the hospital appalls id and said --
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apologized and said he was quickly restrained by deputies. >> we are devastated about what happened. i never heard of this happening before. >> reporter: emergency room rn had his nose broken by a patient last year. >> this is zone one. like the most critical patients. we are supposed to have 8 nurses, we usually have 5. >> reporter: there were 34 injuries to staff reported to osha in 2012. the union just begun negotiations with the city and says attacks are predictable and preventible with the right amount of staff. >> there have been multiple assaults. a lot has to do with units closing and combining and the staffing racingose. -- ratios. >> reporter: a spokesperson said it was not caused by nursing shortage. orin zebest is held in the jail
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ward on $225,000 bail. live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. new at 6:00 p.m. an up tick in crime as a neighborhood is on edge. a community alert has gone out if you are a victim of crime you should call the police. the problem is, that alone might not be enough. ktvu's noelle walker is in montclair where she spoke with a woman who was held up at gun point. >> that woman has been held up twice in oakland but didn't expect it here. now victims are told to call opd and the neighborhood private security company as well. [ singing ] >> reporter: it is not the place you think of when you
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think of crime. [ singing ] >> reporter: but times are changing. >> i think the bank was robbed down there. >> a neighborhood rise in crimes of opportunity. >> i looked down and i saw the gun. oh, my god. so scared. >> reporter: so scared. she was walking from work to her car when she was held up at gun point. >> i am so scared. i cannot run or do anything. >> reporter: the association is warning about an increase in street robberies. telling victims to call police and call the neighborhood security company too. >> they can be very responsive if officers are available. staffing levels make it a challenge. >> reporter: oakland police have an empty patrol car parked
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in the neighborhood as a deterrent. it is why she moved from montclair. >> the criminals know it is an easy target. >> reporter: from a man who has seen it all. a warning. and advice. [ singing ] >> reporter: i have seen patrol a couple times. one business owner thinks the crimes are supply and demand. the district has what criminals want and they will get it anyway they can. reporting live, noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. for the first time in a month we are hearing from the mother of jahi mcmath. jahi mcmath was declared brain
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dead after having tonsil surgery. the mother isn't speaking on camera. she released a letter that says this continues to be an unbelievably difficult time. despite what people say about her being dead and how i must be ignorant i can tell you she is businesser physically since -- better physically. she wants people to know jahi mcmath is not suffering and surrounded by love. we posted the entire letter on governor jerry brown wants to speed up funding to conserve water during the drought crisis. >> this is serious. today is a call for action. the state will do its part but we are asking all the citizens to do their part.
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>> the state parts includes $687 million for projects. inpanded use of recycled water and new ways to capture storm run off. officials say some projects will take time but many are ready. >> water recycling plants ready to be implemented, just waiting for funding to be implemented. all the better to prepare us. >> lawmakers said they expect to have the bill ready for the governor to sign in two weeks. most of the money, 549 million will provide grants for infrastructure. 15 will provide emergency water supplies in places where supplies are running low and 14 million will help with ground water contamination. ktvu learned of an emergency
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water delivery plan for the north bay. ktvu's john fowler tells us about a city that has plenty of water but can't share it. >> reporter: under this valley billions of gallons of water. they pump from an aquifer that could last years. >> abundance is a good thing. you know, you never know when you will need it. >> reporter: low-water rates, no use restrictions, restaurants pour it like water. >> if we have it, share it. >> for a town of 7500 it is a lot of water but for the greater population it is not very much. >> reporter: he tells us there are no pipes running out plus some wells are connaminated -- contaminated.
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as we showed you last thursday farmers are hurting. wells drying up. each cow needs 50 gallons of water a day. today he turned to this scrapbook for a new-old idea. >> in 1976 the county dill haul water to dairies. >> the county began negotiating with truckers to haul treated waste water to help farmers survive. officials say they will meet with farmers and water haulers friday. if all goes as planned the water deliveries could begin in two weeks. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> our coverage continues on we created a spection to keep you -- a section to keep you up to date on the drought. look for it under hot topics. university of california at berkeley police arrested a student who robbed and beat up a fellow student and the case
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is being investigated as a hate crime because the suspect made homophobic statements before the attack. according to police he and another student were walking yesterday when he demanded the other student's cell phone and then ordered him to go into a construction site. when the victim refused police say he was punched, kicked and choked by him. a close call for a home that almost got slammed by a dump truck without breaks. the truck veered off the road. it hit another vehicle and a power pole before it stopped feet from a home. pg&e says 73 people will be without power over night till the damaged power pole is replaced tomorrow. there have been no reports of injuries. evacuation ordered have been lifted following a gas leak. pg&e says a construction crew struck a line at 1:00 p.m.
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this afternoon. winds sent the gas into under ground parking area. hazmat made sure there were no hidden pockets of gas before allowing people to return. bridge official is demanding caltrans write up a full list of any potential problems with the eastern span of the bay bridge. the head of the toll authority sent this letter to caltrans after learning road decks were leaking. his frustration, he learned about that from the media. not from caltrans. the letter is demanding any other potential surprises and how they could be fixed and at what cost. that list will contain hundreds of problem scenarios that must be correct before a final checking is written to pay the contract. safeway in talk ca-- safeway is in talks to sell the
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company. an agreement has yet to be reached. they said it will distribute the remaining shares of its gift card business. they operate 1300 stores across the u.s. community college could be your first and last stop for a bachelor's degree. the shift that is putting pressure on california. >> google says it plans to set up high speed networks around the bay area. why some families can't wait for that to happen. >> after the break tracking clouds moving into the area tomorrow. they will have a change or give you a change in your weather. what that means. we will see you back here.
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police are praising a woman after she used glass to fight off a man who broke into her home. the suspect got inside the home by smashing a window. is victim grabbed glass and used it. >> happy that she was able to survive her event and that she had the mind set to defend herself. >> police say he has a history of violence and has been in jail on rape charges and he was released hours before the attack. turbulence on a flight that took off from sfo. passengers took these photos throughout the cabin. the plane dipped throwing some people into the ceiling.
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it hit turbulence over japan. this is the second incident of violent turulence in one week. the unemployed were the focus of a congressman's visit to the east bay today. he met with job seekers. he says he wants to see them get a job and get the right job. he also says he supports the extension of long term unemployment benefits. >> they will need assistance in some way. if you take them off unemployment athey may have to -- they may have to find assistance. >> he says he pressured speaker of the house john boehner to push through an extension of the unemployment benefits. barbara boxer today blasted republicans for refusing to
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extend long term unemployment benefits. >> makes no sense. >> barbara boxer made the comments during a speech in san francisco this afternoon. she also pushed for an increase in the minimum wage. letting community colleges offer four year degrees. with demand growing some educators say it is time for a change. if the bill is approved it would begin with one program per campus at a few schools. now at 6:00 p.m. going ultrahigh speed. one area that is in the running for the internet service. google fiber is available in three cities nationwide but this will be the first time it could be offered to the public
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in the bay area. ktvu's robert handa explains why there is high demand for the high speed service. >> reporter: they have to put up with slow loading so she is happy to hear google is working to install google fiber. >> especially with three kids who are on different devices. >> reporter: to see what happens when devices over lap we had them resume projects or games. sure enough he got stuck trying to load photos for a school assignment. >> loading and loading. it just stops and you have to wait for a long time. >> reporter: she enjoyed a game but when her sisters are active her game often crashes. >> especially hard if you are in the middle of an adventure because you can't go back where
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you were. >> reporter: he says the situation shows google's obstacles. >> it is an undertaking that stopped so many from pursuing it. >> she already understands that. >> it just doesn't work really well and it makes frustrating. >> i will get to do things i want to do. >> reporter: they begin talks next week and other cities will be arrangements. that process can't happen fast enough. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. a warm day today. plenty of sunshine. that changes tomorrow. at least the sunshine part. these are the highs today. highs tomorrow will be warmer. 67 antioch. 67 livermore.
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68 napa. tomorrow more clouds but warmer. 60s and low 70s. this is the system -- not a system. over running cards. the cards filter in tomorrow. when you get going you will have cloud cover north to south. partly cloudy skies and hazy sunshine. winds out there. winds at the san francisco international airport 25. 25 at sfo. hayward 27. good air quality. spare the air night after spare the air night. this pattern, that pattern, the flow is good for the air quality. as we head into tomorrow morning, there is your cover. tomorrow afternoon -- cloud cover. tomorrow afternoon, there is your cloud cover. temperatures in the 70s. mid-60s. upper 60s. san francisco 55 degrees. downtown, starts off cool. numbers are in the upper 40s.
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60 degrees at lunchtime. 65 degrees for a day time high. san jose 56 degrees right now. san jose tomorrow they will see temperatures cool, 43 and end up at 70 degrees tomorrow for your bay area thursday already. temperatures warm tomorrow despite the cloud cover. looking for temperatures to stay on the warm side. the pattern is these clouds push in tomorrow and then as we get the high pressure over it will continue to warm us into thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. upper 60s. 70 snappa. 70 antioch. -- napa. 70 antioch. good air quality. 71 pleasanton tomorrow. 71 livermore. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view there it is. no rain. past monday next week, tuesday, wednesday, clouds thicken up and we have a significant
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looking weather pattern that could bring us significant rain. hopefully. this is wednesday, thursday, friday next week. >> thank you. a senator proposed an oil extranks tax that would pump money into schools, healthcare and parks. a bill for a 9.5% tax for oil taken out of land in california. she says california is the only major oil producing state without a tax. oil industry says companies already pay california $5 billion a year in taxes. this new tax is expected to raise $2 billion a year. big name business leaders can do it and so you can do. >> the perk that linked in is rolling out to get more users engaged. [ male announcer ] value is always served up fresh at subway
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linked in users are getting a big perk offered. it lets user blog and share articles and news items. they will roll out the feature
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to all users. the past couple days talking about the giants at spring training, but it is nice to talk about the a's every now and then. >> we are in baseball spring training mode. it is time to talk about the a's. yesterday talking about health with the giants. same with the a's. they had a problem in right field last year. they will be playing their last year there. josh redick hit .226 with 12 home runs. 29 the year before. had a wrist problem and maybe tried to play through it and that wasn't the best idea. he talks about how he would handle things differently this time around. >> last year behind me and get to 2012 form. that is all i can do. not saying i am going to do the numbers like i did. try to be a better player. a smarter guy. not try to play through a serious injury like that. i wished i went on the dl off
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the bat. you learn these things going through life. >> got the best of me and didn't work out for me. >> before we show you this, they play a great brand of baseball in cuba. but an ugly incident there the last couple days. some of the videos shocking. this happens all the time. a pitcher hits somebody but this pitcher hit two batters last night. the second one instituted a brawl. that swing of the bat fortunately missed. you will see it again. a two handed swing. he swung the bat and missed. he was incidentally hit with a one year suspension. that could have been one of the uglast brawls in the history of organized baseball. several fines and suspensions. [ talking at the same time ] >> thank-goodness that was anteing and a miss -- that was
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swing and a miss. tonight on the 10:00 p.m. news, troubling allegations of sex abuse at the hands of a popular teacher. hear from the victims and get the teacher's side of the story, tonight at 10:00 p.m. >> we are always here for you on, facebook and twitter. thank you so much for joining us. have a great evening. good night. ♪
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